David Upton

David believes business with purpose can change the world. He is passionate about community development and resolving the growing gap between rural and urban communities.

Email: david.upton@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel. 902-790-2600



Andy Horsnell

Andy has worked in social enterprise throughout the USA and Canada for over 25 years, as a consultant, manager, and board member. He came home in 2010 and co-founded CGS in 2012, with the goal of transforming the role that business plays in creating thriving, prosperous communities.

Email: andy.horsnell@commongoodsolutions.ca  

Tel. 902-300-9725


Stephanie Pronk

Stephanie has been with CGS since 2012, and has travelled to Scotland and the US to learn about and work with social enterprises. Stephanie has a breadth of experience; she's worked in so many roles and projects at CGS that she's been called a "human Swiss Army knife".

Email: stephanie.pronk@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel: 902-483-4845

rodney2 (1).png

Rodney Small

Rodney is a charismatic, energetic personality with strong networking skills. His passion for community and economic development has been proven throughout the social enterprise sector.

Email: rodney.small@commongoodsolutions.ca    

Tel: 902-802-1502


Robert Nichols

Robert has love for writing and a love for people. He's found that CGS is a great fit for both of those things, and really enjoys seeing how organizations can work together to bring social and economic change, building strong communities in our province and region.

Email: robert.nichols@commongoodsolutions.ca  

Tel. 902-680-8764

Maria Wamboldt

Maria is passionate about business for good and helping those businesses put their best foot forward. With a background in marketing and communications she enjoys sharing the stories of social enterprises across Nova Scotia.

Email: maria.wamboldt@commongoodsolutions.ca 

Tel: 902-407-0822


Lisa Lowthers

Lisa has invested the last 30 years in community development in NS. Helping people envision and build business models that create a better world one organization at a time keeps her young.  That... and her three children and her new grandson!

Email: lisa.lowthers@commongoodsolutions.ca  

Tel. 902-698-1161


Meaghan Wright

Meaghan is truly passionate about the causes she supports and the companies she dedicates her working time to, which have included Venture for Canada, Be Human, and more. Currently, Meaghan is Common Good Solutions' primary storyteller, promoting the social enterprises they work with, through video.

Email: meaghan.wright@commongoodsolutions.ca


Marie Wright

Marie is an academic whiz and a genuine personality who truly inspires people by living life to the fullest. As CGS's videographer/editor, duties include shooting, editing and producing promotional videos for both CGS and social enterprises across Canada.

Email: marie.wright@commongoodsolutions.ca  

Chloe Donatelli

Chloe has worked in community development across Canada and has a passion for supporting local partners as they build more vibrant and resilient communities. She is excited to be using the innovative tools of social enterprise to support this important work across Nova Scotia. 

Email: chloe.donatelli@commongoodsolutions.ca 

Tel. 902-322-0985

Josh Cooke

Josh brings a passion for finance and accounting to the team, focusing on entrepreneurship and the innovations behind it. With a wide range of experience in the industry Josh aims to use his skills to help organizations reach their full potential. 

Email: josh.cooke@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel. 902-407-0822

Mike kennedy

Mike is a CPA CA passionate about the place where accounting and social impact meet. A professor at Acadia University’s Manning School of Business, he believes that companies embracing a triple bottom line approach will outperform competitors over the long term. He’s worked extensively across public, private and third sector organizations.

Email: michael.kennedy@commongoodsolutions.ca



lauren Sears

Empowering people to be their best is the name of the game for Lauren. A connector and coach, she loves all things team and relationship building. Lauren believes that when we work together, we’re all in a better position to thrive.

Email: lauren.sears@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel. 902-899-2446


Emily Miller

Emily is interested in building resilient communities through entrepreneurship, human-centred design and collaboration. She is influenced by global experiences, brilliant friends, and constant curiosity.

Email: emily.miller@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel. 902-407-0822


Rebecca Dunphy

Rebecca believes that with innovation and action we can create sustainable solutions. Her passion for social enterprise was sparked through her involvement with Enactus. She strives on helping people turn their passions into positive change for their communities.

Email: rebecca.dunphy@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel. 902-209-4289


jacob simmons

Jacob is a software developer that brings an excitement for innovation in organizations and business. Through working in the startup industry he strives to see business done in new and exciting ways. He believes through blending technology with social enterprise we can create an exciting and flourishing future.

Email: jacob.simmons@commongoodsolutions.ca

Tel: 902-407-0822