We provide the support system from startup to launch, and beyond. The Impact Incubator is for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to create positive change in their communities through business.  Our incubator provides the technical resources, coaching and networking opportunities needed to build your social enterprise.


Planning & Goal Setting

A trainer will lead you and your team through identifying the overall purpose and goals of the social enterprise, help develop a business model canvas outlining the idea, and help create a measurable plan you can follow to launch.


Training & Coaching

In-person training and coaching will help you as you move your idea from action to launch from the plans set out in the business model.  Regular check-ins and access to expert assistance will help you achieve your goals.


Mentoring & Networking

You will also be matched with a mentor who can provide guidance with your idea and professional development, and help expand your thinking and networks around the idea and industry in which you'll be involved. Monthly networking events will also be available to you.