Innovation Labs

Transportation Innovation Lab

The Transportation Innovation Lab’s (TIL) first phase ran from March 2018 - September 2018, and was a community engagement process designed for diverse stakeholders to explore the question: “What is the most effective way to provide CBRM worker transportation in a sustainable manner?” Out of a thorough community engagement process over many months, the solution idea that emerged, with strong consensus from a multi-stakeholder group of TIL participants, was a point-to-point shuttle (P2P) prototype.

The current testing phase of the TIL will run from December 2018 - October 2019. Common Good Solutions (CGS) will work with transportation providers to build capacity to operate a P2P shuttle. In addition, CGS will work with community stakeholders to educate and engage them around this new transportation service. The prototyping phase will be closely monitored to ensure that data from this innovation is captured to better understand the impacts and learnings.

  • Find public report HERE

  • Find Business & Launch Plan HERE

  • Pilot phase begins April 23 2019, launching as Community Connects

  • Lab running since March 2018 

Childcare Innovation Lab

The Childcare Innovation Lab (CIL) project is designed to involve communities in creating child care solutions in their areas.

This project is aimed at bringing people from communities in the Tri-County area together to talk about childcare and come up with ideas that can help people who work shift-work, are on-call, or who struggle to find reliable, affordable childcare that will enable them to enter, or stay in the workforce.

One childcare service or project that is created through this process will be piloted in one community in the Tri-County area. If successful, the pilot could roll-out to multiple communities in the Tri-County area.

This project is an initiative of the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, delivered in partnership with Common Good Solutions and the Kids’ Action Program.

African Nova Scotian Youth Employment Lab

Despite recent employment growth and evidence of more youth moving to NS than moving out, unemployment rates for African Nova Scotian youth remain higher than unemployment rates for all Nova Scotian youth. Why?

Faced with these statistics, the Nova Scotia Dept. of Community Services, in partnership with the Dept. of Labour and Advanced Education, have initiated the African Nova Scotian Youth Employment Lab to explore the question: What can be done to bring African Nova Scotian youth employment rates in line with the rates of all Nova Scotian youth?

A social innovation lab that seeks to put the people most directly affected by the issue at the centre of any solution seeking process, this work is being delivered in partnership by the One North End Community Economic Development Society (The O.N.E.) and Common Good Solutions.

We want to learn more about how systems and attitudes perpetuate disproportionately high rates of unemployment among ANS youth (aged 18-35), and we may begin to make progress toward a shared future of equitable access to opportunities for employment and prosperous living

Geographic scope: HRM Project Duration: Jan. - Jun. 2019


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