Social Enterprise Consulting

We do the heavy lifting for you. For already established or growing organizations that require additional social enterprise and business expertise in order to grow successfully and strategically.

Some of the ways we help overcome barriers to success:

  • Internal Review - for when you don't know your social goal and/or unclear about what you currently have to offer a new enterprise.
  • External Review - for when you have a social goal but needs industry best practices and inspiration to generate some ideas.
  • Opportunity Identification, Selection, and Validation - for when you're clear on internal resources and goals as well as industry best practices, but need help to define and choose ideas.
  • Market Feasibility - for when you have an idea with a strong social mission, knows your internal capacity, but unclear on financial feasibility and market conditions. Often recommended for enterprises with significant start-up costs.
  • Business Modelling and Planning - for when you have a well developed enterprise idea and are ready to operationalize and/or pursue funding.
  • Impact Measurement - for when you want to tell the social and financial story of your existing enterprise to partners, funders, and/or the public. Also useful for enterprises in development that wish to establish a framework to track their progress toward social and financial outcomes into the future.