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From our clients:

Within only a few months after working with CGS, we have seen great benefits, where sales are stronger and creative new ways to grow the enterprise have been established.
— David Farmer, Breton Ability Centre's Best of Cape Breton store

They were not about to submit a report, collect the money and run. With the assistance of CGS, the Farm Centre Association now has funding for renovating our facilities and to initiate a major project which is attracting new members, new partners and breathing new life into our entire organization.
— - Phil Ferraro, General Manager, PEI Farm Centre Association

Dear David and Andy; On behalf of the Board of the Maritime Harvest Community Food Market Co-operative, we want to thank you for the work you are doing. Increasingly not for profit organizations in Nova Scotia are finding ways to combine their missions and revenue from sales in their daily operations. Common Good Solutions and programs like Enterprising NonProfits-NS have been trailblazers for development in the sector.

Through the project, we were able to work with Andy to create content and a thorough process for the feasibility study. He took us through several stages in our meetings; a review of our vision and mission statements, articulation of the shared beliefs needed to guide us in the evolution of the community market, and the market demographics research needed to guide our business planning process. These efforts helped us to succeed in the Aviva Competition, where we awarded $115,000.

Andy engaged all of us in the process to figure out the best avenues to proceed with the plan. He offered us guidance in a way which involved the whole group. It was at it’s heart a community development process and in the end the process brought us all closer together in what we needed to do.

We appreciated the work then and are still using it now as the information fore-runner for an external consultant to develop our business plan, funded by enp-NS.

Many thanks,

— - Dr. Norman Greenberg Chair: Board of Directors Maritime Harvest Co-op Community Carrot Food Market.