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Social Impact Measurement Accelerated Certificate Workshop



Working to change the world through a social enterprise, purpose-driven business, or enterprising nonprofit? Looking for better ways to tell others about the social and environmental good you do? Heard about social impact measurement but don’t know where to start? The Impact Practice Accelerated Certificate is for you!

For full certificate details visit: Social Impact Measurement Accelerated Certificate Brochure

This program has been designed to support better "impact practice". In other words, all of the things that social sector organizations can do to plan, measure, communicate and grow their social impact. It provides the tools you need to show your enterprise delivers well, creates impacts (social, economic and environmental), creates value for the people you are accountable to, and lives up to desired ideals and practices.  

Hosted in two locations: Toronto (in partnership with Realize Strategies) June 18 9-5 @ the Centre for Social Innovation & Nova Scotia June 22 9-5 @ Dartmouth Adult Services Centre.