Buy Social Canada

Buy Social provides recognition to social enterprises who prioritize the creation of social and environmental value. It provides a clear label for purchasers in the public and private sectors to help identify social enterprise suppliers and take part in sustainable, socially-conscious purchasing. 

It was originally launched by Social Enterprise UK in 2013. Our Canadian affiliated program was initiated in 2014, and was officially launched across Canada on April 23, 2015 at the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise.

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Marketing & Branding

Once certified, your organization can display the Buy Social logo on your website, in marketing materials and on your products. Like other third party-certifications such as Fair Trade, Organic and LEED we are recognizing and addressing the need for trusted and identifiable certifications in the social enterprise sector. 


Buy Social solves the problem of social enterprise definitions and hesitation on the part of purchasers. Social procurement by businesses and government is increasing, but constantly we have heard from them they need to know who is a legitimate social enterprise. With Buy Social certification you will have an external, internationally-recognized certification criteria to use in your marketing, sales, and promotions.

Procurement Assistance

Some of the largest issues faced by social enterprises that sell goods and services is that they aren't large enough or involved in the right networks to sell their goods and services to large purchasers.  Buy Social aims to help these groups by providing training in scaling, responding to tenders and requests for proposals, and in other ways assisting in making purchaser-supplier connections.