Social Enterprise Conference

Fri, October 4, 12am – Sat, October 5, 12am Where: Columbia School of Business, NYC

ENGAGING CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS IN SOCIAL CHANGE Society will never change unless we collectively want it to. Social entrepreneurs may have great visions for transforming the world, but little can be accomplished without energizing and motivating those on the receiving end of change efforts: the clients and customers of social enterprises. While lessons can be learned from marketers and social media practitioners, there are unique challenges in adapting these ideas to solving social and environmental problems. Organizations ranging from multinational corporations to social venture startups need to grapple with questions such as: What is the best way to compel customers to consider the social footprints of their purchases and leverage the power of the individual for social good? How can grassroots ideas and engagement translate into action to create a movement? How do you create demand for and deliver socially useful products and services that benefit underserved communities and the environment? By uniting industry experts, thought leaders and practitioners, the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference will delve deeper into the ways leaders and managers can use innovative strategies to maximize social change.