Careforce: More than just a home health care agency

Buy Social Canada’s most recent certified supplier in Atlantic Canada, Careforce Home Care Cooperative, is a collective of compassionate and skillful caregivers who provide services that enable clients to live comfortably in their home or within a care facility.

Careforce began in 1990 and became a fully cooperative business in 2007. Because many of the Careforce staff are co-op members they are fully invested and take great pride in the work they do: helping those that need care services live where they’re most comfortable, by providing the services they need to do so – from companionship, errand running and housekeeping to 24-hour care.

When speaking with Careforce Business Development Manager, Wade Tibbo, we asked what makes him most proud about Careforce. Wade notes that it would be difficult to choose just one thing as there are feel-good moments and success stories everyday because everyday they’re helping people live safely and comfortably. He tells us if he had to pick just one, it would be the number of times he’s witnessed Careforce staff go above and beyond to meet client needs, and how quickly they respond and adapt to those needs when they change. Wade notes the willingness, kindness and attention the care team gives is truly heartwarming each time he sees them in action.

He shared a story that illustrates this perfectly: “One of our Caregivers returned from a shift with a client who has Alzheimer’s. She was telling the other staff members about a pattern she had found for a “fidget blanket” on Pinterest (a fidget blanket is a blanket made for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The blankets have tactile objects sewn to them to help minimize behaviours by keeping minds and hands busy.), she had constructed her own version and trialled it with her client earlier that day. With great pride, she showed the on-call staff photos of the blanket, sharing how successful the intervention had been, providing comfort and contentment for this client. No one asked our Caregiver to do this” Wade notes “She simply saw the need and went the extra mile.”

He also tells us that he’s proud of the fact that Careforce provides opportunity for better quality of life not only for clients but staff as well. “If someone is a great fit but doesn’t have the credentials to provide technical care, we can bring them on to do things like social visits, running errands and housekeeping and then support them in earning the necessary certification.” says Wade.

We are pleased to welcome Careforce to the growing Buy Social family!  

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