Step 1: Build Your Enterprise Team


Purpose of the Enterprise Team

The Enterprise Team is an advisory group, which provides insight and direction to an organization's leadership (e.g. the Board of Directors in a non-profit or charity) regarding the development of social enterprises that will provide valuable products and services and support the achievement of the organization's mission.


The Enterprise Team works collaboratively with the Project Leader and Consultants to make recommendations to the organization's leaders, who make all final decisions on behalf of the organization.

Membership Composition and Term

The Enterprise Team should be composed of selected staff and members of the organization's leadership, and other invited stakeholders and experts who can offer insights into the organization's customers and into the process of starting new businesses.  The Team generally meets four times over a six-month cycle of the enterprise development process.

Relationship to the Other Roles

The Enterprise Team is supported in their work by the following other roles:

  • Project Leader - The Project Leader is at the centre of enterprise development process - the primary contact for the other Enterprise Team members, the Enterprise Champions, and any consultants who might be engaged.  They are an active member of the Enterprise Team and may choose to champion one or more enterprise ideas.
  • Consultants - Should they be engaged, consultants ensure the that the project goals are met by: leading all meetings; managing and adapting the project work plan in consultation with the Project Leader; providing necessary templates, tools and worksheets; doing selected business research and planning; producing timely progress reports; and by coaching and supporting the other roles.  The Project Leader fulfills these responsibilities in the absence of consultants.
  • Enterprise Champions - With the ongoing support of the Project Leader and the Consultants, the Enterprise Champions do the work of researching and developing social enterprises that are recommended by the Enterprise Team and approved by the Board of Directors.  The Project Leader or other Enterprise Team members may choose to champion specific enterprise ideas, but Champions may also be drawn from enterprising members of the community.

Team Responsibilities

The Enterprise Team is responsible for actively engaging in the following key tasks:

  1. Clarifying and confirming the enterprise development goals, priorities, process and roles.
  2. Identifying high potential enterprise ideas, and Enterprise Champions to explore those ideas further.
  3. Providing feedback on the feasibility research presented by the Enterprise Champions and making recommendations to the organization's leadership regarding which ideas to advance to business planning.
  4. Providing feedback on the business plans presented by the Enterprise Champions and making recommendations regarding which enterprises to implement.
  5. Reviewing Periodic Progress Reports - which are prepared by the Project Leader or Consultants, presenting highlights of the enterprise development process.
  6. Supporting the Project Leader, Consultants, and Enterprise Champions - by providing other advice, information and referrals to key resources and contacts as appropriate.

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