Scottish Government Visits Halifax, Ottawa on Social Enterprise Tour

Senior social enterprise representatives from the Government of Scotland, British Council and Community Enterprise in Scotland visited Nova Scotia on March 7th and 8th to develop business opportunities, share best practices and create relationships that will lead to greater collaboration on a growing relationship with Nova Scotia social enterprises.

On a full Monday of meetings, the international guests were hosted by the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia, Common Good Solutions, Dartmouth Adult Services Centre, and the Nova Scotia Government.

On Monday evening the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia and Saint Mary’s Sobeys School of Business hosted a reception for international and provincial leaders in the social enterprise sector and academia to discuss social enterprise as a tool for building social, cultural, environmental and economic value by discussing best practices from their successful sector.

On Tuesday morning the Halifax Music Co-operative on 2164 Barrington St. hosted a presentation from the U.K. delegation on an overview of the sector, it's developments, challenges and successes.

View a presentation about Scotland's Social Enterprise Sector here