Make Your Mark in 2018


We get a lot of calls from people that tend to go something like this: “I hope I’m in the right place, all I know is that I see a need for ________ in my community, and I want to do something about it.” If 2018 is the year you set out to start a business, or champion innovation in your organization, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a four questions to ask yourself that will make you feel more confident about which direction to take when you set out to make your mark this year.

What am I fired up about?

Now more than ever, we’re seeing a need to find solutions to the challenges that our communities are facing. Whether it’s finding a use for Nova Scotia’s newly homeless recyclables (now that China is getting fed up with the world’s trash) or honouring our province’s cultural heritage, we need to root our efforts in widespread community sustainability in order to ensure long-lasting change in Nova Scotia.

Which movement or social issue got you going in 2017? #MeToo; reconciliation; bike lanes; accessibility; affordable housing?

Have it down? Now ask yourself:

Am I an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or neither?

Meaning, do you want to own and run a business (entrepreneur)? Do you want to champion innovation from within your organization (intrapreneur)? Or are you an ideas person who just wants to hand your brain gems off to someone else, and then move on to the next?

Unsure? Set up a meeting with one of our Social Enterprise Development Managers here, and they’ll help you determine what exactly your course of action should be.

The good news is that all of these roles are valuable, and have a place in our communities.

If you’re still not sure, ask:

Do I want to do the heavy lifting, or leave it in the hands of experts?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we see entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs face is how exactly they are going to bring about social change. The details really are the hardest part of any problem-solving venture. 

Answer yourself honestly: ‘Do I have time and knowledge to build this from the ground up?’ Meaning, are you able to do key pieces like market research, business plan, strategic plan, marketing, branding, financials, etc?

So, finally:

What are my next steps?

Give us a call! We’d love to hear your ideas and one of our development managers will be happy to meet with you to talk possibility for 2018!