CGS Goes to Camp

If you happened to ask them, some of the participants may tell you that they did not win, but I have no doubt that all of the campers took away something valuable from their week at the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation. They learned a solid few things about entrepreneurship: success, loss, and the courage it takes to put yourself out there. But perhaps most importantly, “the campers,” Chloe reflected, “may have even learned that sometimes the winners in business are those who are willing to consider people and the planet along with profit.”

My Year Working in a Social Enterprise

A year that has reignited my faith in Nova Scotia and my place in this province as a professional, simply because I’ve been given the opportunity to try. When I started out here, whether I was going to succeed or fail was to be determined, but it all starts with someone believing in you. That’s something social enterprise does so well: believing in people, believing in communities and working with them to find solutions.


Youth on the Future of Communities in NS: A Day in Glace Bay

What if, we thought, there was a way to engage youth by producing fresh food for those who don’t have access to it, while providing a physical site that addresses the prevalence of mental illness? AND that actually turns a profit?

Now that sounds like a tall order. But you shoot for the moon, you may land on earth, and that’s what we were going for. Indeed, what we came up with was in fact earth--not in the ground, but in greenhouses.